Sauces at AQ Meals (MSG) free

Dinning out or indoors at home, we usually add sauces to our meals. Sauces make your food taste better. At AQ meal, the homemade sauce company in Karachi we make sauces that can tickle your taste buds and keep you healthy, fit and fine.

Glaze your grills – Spice up your Fry - Marinate

The sauces prepared by the AQ meal Sauce Company, are deliciously, these, while adding to taste of the meal, take care of your health too. AQ Meal makes sure that the best ingredient, all organic (natural fruits, Vegetable, herbs and blends) are used to make the delicious sauces that can enhance the taste of your meals. We used cooked and uncooked sauces in our recipes.

We want to keep our customer healthy so that they keep coming back for more super quality food stuff at AQ Meals.

At AQ Meals you will find various varieties of sauces. These include cooking sauces, our sauces for marinating of beef, fish or chicken and vegetable too and AQ meals sauces that enhance the food flavor. Prepared in highly hygienic environment AQ Meals sauces are prepared with the best quality ingredients

Types of sauces made at AQ Meals

We, at AQ Meals prepare sauces to serve 3 main purposes

  • Sauces that can be used Cooking medium
  • Sauces that help as Meat tenderizer
  • Sauces that act as Flavor enhancer

With the help of AQ Meals sauces you can add moisture, Juicy or succulence, add visual interest and add texture to your cuisines.Sauces have different characterizes which complements the purpose it is prepared for such as:

  • They have distinctive texture
  • Enhance flavors
  • Gourmet
  • Balanced cooking
  • Every sauce has own natural color and without any preservative and free from MSG
  • finished appearance.
  • Consistency
  • Particular flavor that compliments the dish

When AQ Meals prepare our sauces, they concentrate on every characteristic of the sauces while they are being prepared and we mostly use the organic / natural ingredients to keep our customers healthy, fit and fine.