Ice cream Alaska Recipe

Ingredient & Quantity

  • Flour 3 oz
  • Cocoa powder 1oz/2 tabs level
  • Sugar 3 oz
  • Butter /margarine 3 oz
  • Baking powder 1tsp
  • Egg 2 piece
  • Mangoes/strawberry as your wish
  • Chocolate sauce 1/ or1/2 cup
  • Ice cream (strawberry) ½ kg
  • Cream for garnish

RECIPE (pre heat oven before baking 30/mint 180 /200degree)

Take a bowl mix butter/margarine or sugar until light and creamy now add egg one by one beat electric beater well then add flour gradually and mix well with wooden spatula and pour into the greased pan and bake 180 degree around 30 mints. When cake is bake remove the pan and cool down the cake. The cake should be cool when you garnish. Cut the cake divided by 2 pieces put the ice cream and mangos (chonsa is the best) on the down side of cake and put down another cake is on the top and cover the sauce and garnish with cream and mangoes.
Don’t open the door before 20 mints when you put the cake or whatever you bake, follow baking instructions